How to apply a sticker or window cling perfectly!

If you’re still reading you may have already tried to apply an adhesive text, sticker or window cling with a disastrous result. Or at least you imagine you could make a mess!

After noticing various bubbles, folds or imperfections, you may have even thought:

adesivo con bolle
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But applying them perfectly and without imperfections is really simple and fast, whatever the size of the writing or decoration.

So, calm down! The problem isn’t whether you’re capable.
The problem is, no one has told the easy way to do it.

If this is your first time and want to avoid bubbles and imperfections, on a water-repellent surface (sheet metal, painted sheet, glass, plexiglass, various plastics, etc.) you have to use soapy water with a very simple spatula.

Ok. Remove your bad experiences and ideas, and since you will certainly need to apply one sooner or later, for an upcoming promotion, for sales or for the holiday season, I want to help you to do a good job.

This is what you need to do:

  • Demandthat the application spatula be provided with the sticker or window cling.
  • Find a nebulizer(spray bottle)with water and half a tablespoon of washing up liquid(in the absence of the nebulizer just a small bowl with sponge).
  • soak abundantly with soapy water the part of the window where you will make the application.
  • Remove the printed film from the transfer sheet and apply it with the sticky part on the wet part of the window
  • Press with the application spatula (felt side) starting from the centre of the decoration towards the exterior to let out the soapy water from between the window and the sticker.
  • Dry everything and enjoy the excellent result!

This is what you should never do:

  • Apply them dry especially if large.
  • Mount it when the glass is warm or exposed to the sun rays.
  • Use aggressive or hand soaps in the preparation of the soapy water.

For any further suggestions, we are at your disposal and check out the various application videos on our website

Enjoy your work!

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