How to prepare for store reopening

Soon, after the long and forced lockdown of your business due to the covid-19 virus, you will return to raise the shop shutters. It’s important to understand that in that moment you’ll be faced with a variety of expectations from different customers.

Naturally your largest focus will be on those that in the newfound freedom want to resume their shopping habits.

They will do so out of the need of new goods given the late spring season or to fulfill a postponed wish during the lockdown.
But the important thing is that they will, and you need to make sure they come to you.

You will absolutely have to think positive, smile and not succumb to despondency since pessimism easily leads to improvised and unwise actions.

negozio chiuso covid-19

When you reopen the store, the first thing you need to do is: PUT YOURSELF ON SALE.
Yes, you got it right!

Setting up the showcase with the best products you have can wait… even if a little.
Many of your colleagues and competitors will have, just like you, the new seasonal products to offer.

Maybe at heavily discounted prices and engaging in a race to lower prices always leads to a losing battle.
The only result it would produce would be to reduce the already small profit margin in sales.

Large stores, franchise networks and single-brand stores will have to quickly recover from lost sales and competition with them as well as unfair would be difficult.

So what unique thing can you offer your customers, if not the best product you have: YOURSELF.
Your business expertise, your professionalism, your listening skills.

The first thing to do is to stand out, let them know that YOU ARE THERE.

vetrina con commerciante

Play it safe by putting in all the creativity available to you and use whatever new and old tricks you have.
The goal should be to let them know that you’ve reopened and are waiting for them with your best prices and personalized offers.

Send innovative and imaginative messages where you don’t need to “shoot” discount figures that more than attract attention stimulate doubt and uncertainty.

But above all, in the reopening be ready, be prepared!
Start thinking now what your shop window will have to communicate to passers-by and make changes because the day is coming.

clienti davanti alla vetrina

Then if you needed to make your window display a fantastic customer magnet tool, CONTACT US and would be happy to help.

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