Customer looks, judges the store window and decides whether to buy from you or not!

come in if he likes the shop window

Maybe you’ve never stopped to think about it, but for the potential customer that is watching it, the store window is the most important space of your business.

While the customer observes it, he only needs six seconds to consider the quality and purchase opportunity, and decides whether or not to enter into your business.

If you have a flawless window dressing, with an appropriate lighting and quality products, it is very likely that people will stop by to watch it.

If you take advantage with a singular window dressing, you can make it the most effective marketing tool that you can use to promote your business.

It can become a very effective tool to start a natural word of mouth between your potential customers that will tell their friends what they have seen in your store window.

showcase decorated with written sale

The only limit you may have are those potential customers who, absorbed in their own thoughts, pass in front of your store window distracted or involved in traffic and do not become aware of its existence and your business proposals.

But overcoming the distractions and being visible even from a distance is possible.

Shop window with tricolor picture and Made in Italy writing

Many solve this limit simply by applying one of our original decals on their store window, especially double-sided decals that will make it stand out even from a distance, and make it noticeable to distracted customers, that otherwise you would have lost.

Being able to make your store window noticeable before those of the stores near you, will be for you a successful commercial action.

Always remember that a distinguished window dressing, transmits a sense of high quality, efficiency and professionalism. On the contrary, in front of a hasty and messy arrangement, customers will perceive a negative perception which will make them turn around towards other store windows.

Redecorate the set-up and atmosphere of your store window frequently.

Do you know how many business opportunities you have during the year to create memorable settings in your store windows, where to place the new products and business proposals?

sale shop window

Can you allow yourself to ignore opportunities such as the change of seasons, new arrivals of products, holidays like Easter and Christmas? Or sale seasons?

All these are splendid opportunities to catch the customer’s eye towards your business and sell.

Customers get easily bored of looking at the same window fitting for a long time. They need innovation, therefore embellish and change your store windows as often as you can, so customers can stop to admire it.

Present your commercial proposals always in a new and original way and contextualise the displayed products according to the period of year, holidays, etc.

Contacting a window dresser for each of these occasions cannot always be affordable, but fortunately We, at ItalianStoreFronts, can offer you a workable choice. Especially when having little time and a limited budget.

Along with your imagination and creativity we can offer you hundreds of decorations, that can even be reused, through our web . You can apply these decorations in only a few minutes and give a new and fresh image to your business.

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