How can window stickers help increase sales?

how to increase sales

A window sticker is made of a thin colour printed vinyl sheet and can be applied with adhesive or  electrostatically from the inside of the store on a glass surface. It can be decorative (with pictures of flowers, sceneries, etc.) help to advertise (promotions, discounts, etc.), it may be official (such as the sign of the store) or simply informative (schedules, services provided, etc.).

It can have geometric shapes, custom shapes or be writing and is printed with single-sided or double-sided visibility.

Using scenic window stickers can help solve poor visibility problems of a shop window at minimum cost, especially if placed among other competing commercial activities, it can help the window stand out. It’s also often used to complement existing decorations inside the window, which it effectively presents to customers. Also when you’re short of time, adhesives certainly offer the quickest solution to the problem.

It’s ideal also for those who haven’t got the possibility of using other advertising tools in front of their shop because of local restrictions and regulations.

If you find an original decoration and message, it’ll easily be able to attract the curiosity of people and drivers passing by, inviting them to enter your store to ask questions, and so making the first step towards closing the sale.

Timing is important. Give it all the time it needs to do it’s job and serve as a stimulus to attract customers, while not wearing out the “novelty effect” by displaying it just long enough to achieve your objectives. Then remove it, and keep it ready for the next good moment.

Did I already tell you that it should be applied from the inside of the window?
But, why apply it from inside and not outside?

There are four good reasons!

  1. Longer lasting material and more vivid colours due to protection from the weather
  2. Easier application sheltered from rain, dust, pedestrian and vehicular access, etc.;
  3. Avoid damage from curious pedestrians who want “to test” the peel strength;
  4. Not subject to taxation as it’s inside the shop (but this could change from country to country so check with your local council).


The nightmare of the window sticker with air bubbles and imperfections.

Have you ever applied window stickers with disastrous results, crooked and full of bubbles?

Such as this one below for example,
Do you want to know why it come out so bad?

Window sticker with bubbles

This can only be the result of one thing:
They haven’t explained to you clearly how to apply it, nor supplied you with the right tools to do it!

To apply a sticker perfectly, without bubbles and imperfections, you must do so using a spray bottle (but also a sponge is fine) with water and a drop of washing up liquid and a spatula. That’s all!

How to apply a sticker without bubbles or defects.

These are the three types of stickers we at can provide; with a free mounting kit (spray or sponge and spatula) :

1 – Single sided window sticker usually used for large-scale decorations, with partial or total cover of the glass surface (in case you wanted to stop people looking into the shop or local). It sticks using adhesive and it’s easily removable if removed within two / three months of its application. Thanks to its technical characteristics and the thicknesses of the films, you can reuse it in this way at least a second time.

2 – Double sided window sticker where the image is visible straight from the outside of the glass and a mirror image can be seen from inside. It sticks using adhesive and is easily removable when initially applied with the “wet” method and removed within two / three months of its application. Due to its technical characteristics it is not always possible to reuse it.

3 – Reusable double sided window sticker, where the image is visible straight from the outside of the glass and a mirror image can be seen from inside. it’s made of vinyl with moderate thickness to facilitate ease of use. It sticks through its electrostatic force without glue. The application can take place with “dry method” simply placing the printed window sticker on the glass surface, or more easily by spraying only with water. You can remove and reuse it numerous times.

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