How to create a store window that surprises and seduces customers?

flowers and butterflies on the shop window

Is it possible to catch the attention of the potential customers that walk in front of your store window?

Of course it is!

Regardless of the type of business, the store window has definitely the power of catching the eye of the potential customers passing by and invite them to come in.

The store window is meant to be the natural “visiting card” of any business, where the best products are exhibited along with their quality and price range. However, doing only this, will not make your store window be the most visible in the area.

To ensure that your store windows is the most visible and impressive one, it should be dressed in a “peculiar” way from time to time. We don’t mean you should do a shocking window fitting, but arranging in such a way of catching the attention of people passing near, by putting “something extra”.

“Something extra” in your store window that nobody is expecting to see.

Following this principle, some years ago, Apple in order to promote the launch of a new product, put in their store windows large decals simulating the windows have been broken due to acts of vandalism. The result was impressive! Everybody who passed by, noticed their store windows and therefore became aware of the launch of the new IPhone.

This was one of the first window fittings that gave birth to the scenographic-design initiatives within the guerrilla marketing (the bench in the picture is a clear example of this).

Certainly you don’t have to do very complex arrangements, and with much less effort you can do effective window dressings.

A little bit of fantasy is what’s needed.

The goal is to take advantage of your store window and captivate your potential customers. Surprise and intrigue them! To obtain these results I want to propose you a solution that has already been tested and has achieved great results.

Some of our customers, during periods of low sales, have adopted a little trick: to cover almost completely the store window leaving only a small opening. Through this opening it is possible to observe the window dressing which promises a personalised discount for whom watched through the hole.

We tried to capture the customer´s curiosity, stimulate their interest….and we did it!

Many people who passed-by were curious of what was in the interior, with the final result that many came into the store and the sales exceeded the expectations.

Have you ever wondered why during the sale periods the store windows are totally covered with bright colours? The store window is completely covered leaving visible only the name of the store and the date of the beginning of the sales period.

Why can´t people see the inside of the store while it is being arranged for the sale season? This is certainly done in order to re-price the goods and rearrange the displays. But is it this the only reason or is there any other?

There are two main reasons for the “temporary commercial isolation” of the store, and these are:

  1. To catch the eye of the pedestrian towards the store window, which while being obscured, has an unusual look, compared to those nearby.
  2. To expose the date when Sales/Discounts begin in order to create expectation within the people that see it.

Surprise increases the attention. Awaiting increases desire!

A very well-known chef, actually working reviewing restaurants on a national television channel, once told me that in his early professional years he begun to manage a family owned “trattoria”.  During the reopening, despite of not having one single customer in the inside, he made the host tell coming customers that the restaurant was full and that there were no available tables for that day.

Was he crazy?

No! He admitted “It was tough”, but very soon he got many reservations, and prices increased with gratifying earnings too.

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