How to get more customers in your ice cream shop!

how to decorate an ice cream shop window

Dear ice cream maker, you may need someone to tell you, that what will attract your next customer, the one who doesn’t know you, who passes distracted in front of your ice cream shop, WILL NOT BE YOUR ICE CREAM!

Probably you are fortunate enough to have a window onto the street, with a good pedestrian and vehicle passage and…. you have not yet decided to exploit it properly?

Maybe you have not thought of it yet, but it may just become your best business card, an excellent communication tool from which you can convey your professionalism and the quality of your ice cream.

So you produce good artisan ice cream and your customers are happy and speak well of it with their friends. But, can that be enough to make you increase both the customers and the sales?

Can you imagine how many more you’d have if only they knew that yours is the best artisan ice cream in town? If only they could imagine what it’s like?

Decorate your window and let everyone know! Even to those busy bees passing outside, but above all, make it known to your best customers: the children!
They don’t deny themselves anything.

Put a delicious, refreshing and monumental ice cream on the window and … they’ll stream in!
All customer buy a products only after having: worn it if it’s a dress, drank it if it’s a drink, tasted it if it’s your ice cream …but with their EYES!

An ice cream is much more than a material product … it’s taste … it’s freshness, it’s sweetness … a play of the imagination and very often brings to mind pleasant memories.

Are you wondering how to make them enjoy your ice cream well before they get into your ice cream shop?

It’s easy, see for free some of our dozens of deliciously original stickers (even double-sided and reusable) on our website .

It will be a pleasure to customize them according to your needs, but above all it will be a pleasure to have contributed in making the most of your ice cream and your good artisan product.

For years our commitment has been just that, “to make store fronts talk” in Italy and abroad.

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