How to remove glue residue on a shop window

how to remove glue residues from the showcase

Looking for advice on how to remove glue residues on a shop display or on other surfaces?
Be careful though because the web is a “big sea of information, some reliable and others imaginative but useless.
On the web you can find everything and the opposite of everything

A new customer, days ago, called us because she had to apply our window cling on her window and asked how she could remove the remaining glue residue after removing another cling.

We told her how you can remove the glue residue in just two minutes.
Then, for fun we searched the web to see what other solutions were recommended.
We were amazed but also very amused by the creative solutions offered.
Some recommended using alcohol, gasoline, kerosene, acetone and even cooking oil(but did not specify whether it should be olive oil or sunflower seed oil).
Others assured a small metal scraper or an old shaving blade would be enough to remove the glue in a heartbeat.

I mean, there was “everything and the opposite of everything.”
So, you’re spoilt for choice… but if you want to do it quickly and well, do it as we do it.
Glue is a compound of various chemicals mixed with solvents and the best way to remove it is to use a thinner to dissolve it.
A thinner capable of “diluting” the chemical compound. So the best thing is to use a medium strength thinner that does not damage the support you’re removing it from.

That’s what we do.
We use a cotton pad well soaked in white spirit that softens the glue and allows us to quickly and effectively remove any residue of glue.

Clearly, this should be done out of direct sunlight in order not to dry both the white spirit and the glue.

Immediately after, we clean everything with soap and water to remove both the halo and the smell of white spirit, leaving the surface clear and shiny.

That’s all.
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