Use floor decals to inform, promote and guide customers

floor decal

Floor decals as a communication tool.

Floor decals are a great temporary advertising tool , used mostly in shopping centres, in multiplex cinemas and airports.

Despite the benefits that it would be capable of producing, from a commercial perspective it is still too little used and known by shopkeepers in small to medium sized shops.

Enhance your store with floor decals

Indeed because their use generally unknown, at least to stimulate sales, floor decals possess great potential as:

  1. A strategic business communication tool
  2. Information about services offered to customers,
  3. A promotion of products on offer,
  4. A guided route to specific commercial areas and departments


A generally floor decals are colour printed and made on a removable adhesive vinyl sheet, protected with a rough, durable non-slip transparent film.

The non-slip sealing should be requested based on length that the floor decal is intended to be used for, and an estimation of the potential customer traffic. Certainly it’s one thing to use it for a month in a medium-sized store, and another use it in an Ikea warehouse or at a main train station.

To have the maximum adhesion to the floor and avoid damage, during the manual cleaning or using cleaning machines, it is necessary that it is positioned on a smooth floor surface without ripples, inside or outside the shop.

A floor decal can be made into any form.

Surely you’ve already seen or rather walk on floor decals, and noticed that they could have different forms:

  • Arrows to indicate departments in supermarkets;
  • Coloured information bands in hospitals or other health facilities;
  • Shoe prints to simulate an ideal exhibition itinerary in shoe stores;
  • feet shaped stickers in swimming pools, solarium or beauty salons;
  • scenic shapes to promote films playing in the multiplex cinemas.

Use floor decals next spring

I’d like to tell you an idea of how to use floor decals, which is highly effective and has an immediate commercial benefit at the end of the winter season (but with appropriate changes, can be adapted with great benefits at every season, or to different kinds of shops).

Decorate the floor of the entrance to your shop like a flowery meadow, with a field of daisies in various sizes, if possible in-front of your store. It will  naturally invite customers to look at and enter the store, just to discover the new spring proposals that you have prepared (and you have well highlighted on the window).

Think about how you can pleasantly surprise your customer by making them find on the floor, just as they open the door, a beautiful themed decor (Depending on period) that welcomes them.

This arrangement creates immediately a warm climate, making the customer feel at ease, and facilitating the sale.

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