How to apply a sticker or window clings without bubbles!

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If you are reading this short article, you almost certainly happened to apply a text, a sticker or a window cling and had less than satisfactory result.
Don’t worry, it’s happened to all of us the first time.

The reason was almost certainly because they didn’t tell you what you would have to do to quickly and effortlessly apply it, without bubbles or imperfections.

Just to give these simple instructions, on our website we’ve publisheda lot of tutorials that explain how to make applications.

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Applying stickers or double sided window clings perfectly and without imperfections is really simple and fast, whatever the size of the text, adhesive or window cling.

So, don’t worry! Everybody can do it, why can’t you?
So to succeed this is what needs to be done.

So, if you need to apply a text or an adhesive decoration of a decent size, on a water-repellent surface(sheet of metal, painted sheet, glass, plexigass, various plastics, etc.)you have to spraysoapy water both on the back of the text/sticker/window cling and on the surface where you want to apply it(see this short movie).
If you need to apply them on a surface that absorbs water then you need to apply them using the dry method(see this short movie)

This is what you need to do:

  • Demandthat along with the sticker, you’re also given a spatulafor the installation.
  • Find a nebulizer(spray bottle)with water and put half a tablespoon of washing up liquid(in the absence of the nebulizer just a small bowl with sponge will do).
  • Forget any previous attempts and prepare to make the best application you have ever made(it will comfort you to see, here on the side, how a well-applied sticker looks)

Now to work,
come on!
Bathe abundantly with soapy water the part where you want to apply the adhesive/window cling or text.

Remove the printed text or film from the transfer sheet and apply it on the adhesive part on the part you have just sprayed

Press with the application spatula
(felt side) starting from the centreof the decoration towards the exterior to let out the soapy water from between the window and the sticker.

Dry it all up and enjoy a great result.


This is what you mustn’t do.

  • Apply it dry if it’s a large adhesive.
  • Apply it when the surface is warm or exposed to the sun’s rays.
  • Use aggressive or hand soaps in the preparation of the soapy water.

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Enjoy your work!

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