How much attention does your shop window capture?

those who look at your shop window

The shop display is a strategic tool to attract the attention of potential customers who without stopping pass in front of your store!

It is the best presentation ticket you can show to convey your commercial professionalism and the quality of the products you sell.

We all know that it needs to be well set up, creating scenic themes, adding seasonal decorations, etc. and often need renewing, displaying the most attractive products we have.

But… all this, although necessary, is often not enough to intrigue and attract the attention of distracted passersby.
It takes much more to catch their attention so that they really stop to look and maybe, stimulated by curiosity, enter the store to ask about the product.

How many passersby get closer and stop to look at your shop window?
Not as many as you think you deserve considering the energy you put into it, do you?

vetrofania tenda teatrale

If that’s your case, what do you think causes the lack of interest in your display? Their haste and distraction?
Do you think few people notice it because it’s among many other nearby shops, and no matter how much effort you make, it’s hard to get it to the top?

Of course, it’s not easy to convince the potential customer to enter a shop. Especially if he is not “stimulated” by their own curiosity.
In this, the shop window plays a key role.
So give the customer a chance to notice and appreciate your display.
Make sure they can notice it from afar, before those near them.

Get there before them! That would be nice, but is it possible?

Of course it is. You’ve probably never thought about it, but you have a great tool to use to make this possible.
A fantastic vehicle for your commercial communication that everyone will notice: the glass of your display!

Ideal for scenic commercial announcements, to be used with creativity and imagination to impress their curiosity. Use it well and you will gather interest and attention!

Simple to say, … but how to do it?
Here’s an example. Imagine how many of those who will pass in front of your store, pedestrians and drivers, will notice the giraffes and the invitation to look at the special prices?

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vetrina con giraffe e scritta visto che prezzi

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