Better a sticker or a window cling?

Stickers and Window clings

With the name sticker and window cling, you’ll get, in any case, a vinyl film with printed graphics and text, to be applied on a surface.
We are interested in clarifying which one should be applied from the inside and which from the outside of a glazed surface.

In addition, since among our products we also make window clings in the “double-sided versions” and in “reusable double-sided version”, we’ll also talk about their technical features and uses.

adesivo su porta

is a vinyl adhesive film, usually white with text and/or graphics printed on it, then protected on the print side with the rolling of a transparent film of a glossy or matte finish, that protects its colours and material.
It can be cut out in a geometric shape (rectangle, square, circle, etc.)or tightly around the image or printed text.
It can be applied from the outside of any smooth surface.
When cut-out, it is usually laid out on a removable transfer sheet for easy installation.
The graphics/text with which it is printed is intended to be visible from only one side.

A Window Cling
is a mirror printing of a text and/or graphic on a cling film with a subsequent cover on the back with a white film.
It is only applied from the inside of transparent surface(glass, plexiglass, etc.)with visibility of the printed graphics meant from the other side of the transparent wall.
Given its position within a room, it has considerable durability since it’s totally protected from the weather and vandalism.
The window cling is usually cut out tightly around the printed graphics/text.

vetrofania bifacciale

A double-sided window cling
By double sided we mean (‘straight/mirror visibility’), we mean the printing of a graphic/text on transparent adhesive film with a calibrated white back of 20% colour. This allows the visibility of the printed graphics also from the back (inside the room).
The dual visibility of the text/ image external/internal to the shop allows it to decorate on both sides, ideal to use during seasonal promotions.

Reusable double-sided window cling
For reusable (‘straight/specular visibility’)we mean the printing of a graphic/text on electrostatic transparent film (without glue) with a calibrated backprint of 20% white colour that allows the visibility of the printed graphics on both sides.
Thanks to the absence of glue it can be applied with great ease and put back on the original transfer sheet and to then be reused numerous other times.

Both the stickers and the window clings are recommended to be applied using the wet method (as described in the video below).
For Reusable Window Clings: spray only water!.
Normal window clings and stickers (with glue): spray soapy water (with washing up liquid).

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