Better a window cling or a double sided window cling?

Before making a choice let’s first clarify the difference between a window cling and a double sided window cling.
A window cling is a decoration or communication tool that is applied from the inside of a transparent surface(glass, plexiglas, etc.)which allows the printed graphics(image and text) to be seen from the outside.

* The window cling can be fully appreciated only on one side, the external one, and even on a sunny day (as you can see from the photo on the side), the printed graphics are much duller from the inside.

Its all-white surface, especially if it’s large in size, could be unsightly on store windows that make the scenic setting a point of commercial excellence

vetrofania sulla vetrina
la vetrofania bifacciale

“The double sided window cling has full visibility of the graphic printed on both sides(external/internal), though from the inside of the room the image appears mirrored and with a slight reduction of sharpness.

Particularly suitable on the windows of high-quality shops such as boutiques, jewellery stores, perfumeries, pharmacies, etc.

As a testament to this, we are particularly pleased with what a recent customer wrote to us with boutiques in Corso Buenos Aires Milano: “I had never wanted to use window clings on my window because I thought they weren’t elegant. I had to think again. Thank you“.

come si vede la vetrofania bifacciale

This is what we are committed to creating, products of great quality and elegance that effectively convey the commercial message and even fulfil a decorative purpose.
On the side, you can clearly see how a window cling looks on both sides.

come applicare una vetrofania

We recommend to always apply both of them with the(wet method), and provide a free installation kit (spatula, sprayer, etc) with which to carry out a perfect installation.

The window clings have two great advantages:
– they’re vandal-proof because they are inside
They last a lot longer.

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