How to decorate the window of a travel agency!

travel agency display

The travel agency’s display helps customers dream and desire.

Why decorate the window of a travel agency with images?
Because they’re often too full. Filled with small stickers, fluttering improvised sheets that announce a few last-minute trips and holidays that detail the trip and costs.
Ads that to be read, due to the abundance of descriptions and text, would require stops of several minutes in front of the window.

A quantity of time that nowadays becomes more and more of a luxury.
So in addition to invading the small space available on the front door or on the shop window, it little seems able to interest and attract the potential traveller.
Images that make you fantasize about making that long-dreamed journey would at least catch the attention of the hasty passer-by.

valigia con piccola spiaggia

It moves their emotion!
The potential traveller just needs little stop in front of his dream on your window to enter to at least ask for the cost to make it true.

If he didn’t have time to come in and ask, he would with the dream awoken in front of the agency, continue to develop it, and then come back to you to make it happen.

Some customers really need a little spark, some greater inspiration, and for this reason, renewing the evocative images on the display of the agency is like putting wood in the fire.

But what about the others, how can you intrigue them and get them into the agency?

Remember, you don’t sell basic goods, you just quench desires and make dreams come true. Does that seem little to you?

Then come on, get them excited!

So, how do you decorate your agency’s display?
With large and scenic images that excite emotion and pull you to enter to ask for information.

Create visions. Offer solutions!

mondo con aereo treno e nave
turista che corre

Respond with pictures to their needs!

Today your real competitor is the WEB, which even if impersonally communicates with beautiful images. You can’t be outdone in that way.

You have more skills to offer at your disposal, your experience, advice and personalized composition of any trip or holiday.
So why try to compete just by showing only typescripts in the showcase?

Surprise and make your potential customers curious by renewing the images you display.

Always use reusable (electrostatic) clings and stickers that you can display whenever you need to, minimize your spending and have speed and simplicity of application.

Is there a crisis? Yes, but even in times of crisis, there are those who can afford to go on a cruise, visit famous capitals or escape from the cold winter to the warmer sun of the tropics.

What are you waiting for? Do you want to leave them to others these customers?

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wall stickers con immagine di un isolotto tropicale

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