Coronavirus, what to use for social distancing customers

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Emergency covid 19.
After a long period of closure, shops, agencies and offices in general, although with some limitation of hours or days, finally return to work and welcome customers.

fasce calpestabili distanziamento clientela

However, given the need for social distancing between people, aimed at ensuring health safety for the coronavirus, it is necessary to manage the movement of customers within the shop space as best as possible.

Current rules allow the entry of customers in the premises in proportion to its size.

These measures will easily lead to having customers waiting to enter the store/office.

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Even these customers will obviously need to be in organized queues with clear places where customers should be waiting for their turn.

It is necessary to ensure that no misunderstandings are created in the order of entry to avoid unpleasant disagreements among those who are waiting.

To maintain the professional look of your business, carefully avoid improvised elements to mark the distance between customers and the checkout or reception.

Improvised fragments of coloured sellotape to compose basic directions of entry or exit from the room, or as spacers between customers and the service desk, harm the perception of professionalism and quality of service.

After the prolonged closing period, the commercial challenge is to improve the image of the shop and above all on the quality of the service provided.

The welcome customers receive and the organization will help to give the business an even more professional image.

An essential and important element is to communicate clearly to customers who are waiting, what are the safety measures.
To display an obvious ad on the front door or the window, would avoid having to recall the distracted customers who might forget to wear masks or gloves.

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