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How can window stickers help increase sales?

A window sticker is made of a thin colour printed vinyl sheet and can be applied with adhesive or  electrostatically from the inside of the store on a glass surface. It can be decorative (with pictures of flowers, sceneries, etc.) help to advertise (promotions, discounts, etc.), it may be official (such as the sign of […]

Customer looks, judges the store window and decides whether to buy from you or not!

Maybe you’ve never stopped to think about it, but for the potential customer that is watching it, the store window is the most important space of your business. While the customer observes it, he only needs six seconds to consider the quality and purchase opportunity, and decides whether or not to enter into your business. […]

How to apply vinyl stickers or decals perfectly, every time!

Almost all of us at some point have found ourselves trying to apply vinyl stickers or decals to large surfaces, as a quick and convenient solution to decorating or giving information. The truth however, starts to dawns on us as we begin removing the backing tape. When it doesn’t stick to us or to itself, […]

How to remove leftover glue or sticky residue from a shop window fast

Internet is a “mare magnum” of information, and when you need help, you can really find all sorts of things, both useful, useless and things that say the opposite of all the things you’ve just found! A few days ago a customer called us because he had to apply our window sticker on their shop […]

How to get more customers in your ice cream shop!

Dear ice cream maker, you may need someone to tell you, that what will attract your next customer, the one who doesn’t know you, who passes distracted in front of your ice cream shop, WILL NOT BE YOUR ICE CREAM! Probably you are fortunate enough to have a window onto the street, with a good pedestrian […]

How to create a store window that surprises and seduces customers?

Is it possible to catch the attention of the potential customers that walk in front of your store window? Of course it is! Regardless of the type of business, the store window has definitely the power of catching the eye of the potential customers passing by and invite them to come in. The store window […]

Use floor decals to inform, promote and guide customers

Floor decals as a communication tool. Floor decals are a great temporary advertising tool , used mostly in shopping centres, in multiplex cinemas and airports. Despite the benefits that it would be capable of producing, from a commercial perspective it is still too little used and known by shopkeepers in small to medium sized shops. […]