The decal can be applied on the internal part of a glass, plexiglass or transparent plastic surface. It is recommended to use the “wet” method for a perfect application free from bubbles and imperfections.

It is printed on transparent adhesive vinyl with application on the reverse side of a white film in order to increase its thickness consistency and to give greater emphasis to printed colours.

The application is carried out on the internal side of the transparent wall (glass, plexiglass, etc.) and the graphic is visible from the outside and also from the inside.

It is mainly used for large size decorations to cover the glass wall partly or fully.

According to the graphics features, it can have either a custom shape or a regular geometrical shape.


Decals are applied from inside the window, and not on the outside.


How it’s seen from outside (click to zoom)
How it’s seen from inside (click to zoom)