The removable sticker or decal is made in 2 types:

1- Removable sticker
2- Removable sticker decal (stick and unstick)

1- The removable sticker is printed in colour on a white background and adheres to any smooth or moderately rough surface and it differs from the classical adhesive vinyl in terms of its non-aggressive and permanent adhesion (the full removability within two, three months from its application is guaranteed).
If it’s small it can be easily applied without bubbles using the dry method.
If it’s big, we recommend you to use the wet method, which is the easiest way to apply such stickers, and it increases the probability of its removal without glue residues.

According to the printed graphics features, it can have either a contoured shape or a regular geometrical shape.

2 – The removable sticker decal “stick and unstick” is printed in colour on a semi transparent vinyl with non permanent glue dots. This type is much more “movable” and it adheres perfectly on many surfaces including room walls, from which it’s possible to remove the adhesive within 60 days without damaging the paint (watch its easy application on video).