The sandblast effect is often used to decorate, with shapes and writing, as well as to give some privacy without blocking out natural light.
As such, it can be provided either on a single sheet or cut out into decorative shapes.

When it is cut out, it is placed on a transfer sheet (application type) to be easily removed after the application.
We always recommend using the “wet” method of application to avoid bubbles and imperfections.

It can be applied only on a transparent surface (glass, plexiglass, etc.) and it can be also be printed in colour.

If it is printed in colour, it has to be applied on the outer part of the glass surface (shop-window, window, etc.) as the grey colour of the material would not allow the full vision of the coloured print.

Mid-sized sandblasted vinyl with opaque application sheet

Vertical sandblasted adhesive sheet for glass window mask

Big sandblasted adhesive vinyl with cut out logo