Ma a causa della grande e inaspetta richiesta, ci sarà possibile spedire le vetrofania bifacciali e riutilizzabili solo a partire da martedì 26 ottobre 2019.
Grazie per la pazienza.

929 – Group of multicoloured fish movable stickers

$ 34.72

A group of stickers is composed of thirty-two fish of various sizes and colours to stick individually or as a group on any moderately smooth surface.

Sheet with images of 94×33 cm (37,0×13,0 in)
Biggest fish 21×13,5 cm (8,3×5,3 in),
Smallest fish 2×1,5 cm (1,8×1,2 in), and the rest in proportion to these.

Available as movable stickers.

Click here to what are movable stickers and watch some short videos about how to apply them with ease.